The Last Degree Dogsled Expedition to the North Pole

A dogsled & ski expedition to the North Pole brings to mind names like Peary, Henson and Cook.  Imagine dog teams maneuvering over tall pressure ridges, or crossing freshly frozen leads accompanied by their human teammates on cross-country skis.  Wendy headed for the frozen north in April of 2011 to tackle this adventure to the top of the world with her dog team. On Easter Sunday (and her birthday!), April 23rd, Wendy Booker became the first person with MS to reach the North Pole!

Wendy at the North Pole Wendy Booker mushing to the North Pole with sled dogs


South Pole Greenland

Skiing the Last Degree to the South Pole

Antarctica is the coldest, highest and driest of the seven continents.  The South Polar region offers an incomparable experience. Unlike skiing the pack ice that surrounds the North Pole, a journey to the South Pole is on firm ground so-to-speak (it’s actually 2 mile thick ice), with no pressure ridges or open water leads. Yet Antarctica has challenges of her own, namely relentless prevailing winds that tend to blow in your face as you ski towards the South Pole. Still, this journey across the Polar plateau is worth every drop of sweat, and Wendy was thrilled to achieve her goal of reaching the South Pole in early 2012.